Garden Plaques

Accent your garden decor with outdoor wall plaques

If you're a little concerned about a big garden statue or other elaborate garden ornaments dominating your space, garden plaques could be a smart choice. They have all the elegance, playfulness or interest of garden statuary depending on your design choice, but can be mounted on your wall to save on space.

Another reason for choosing wall plaques is that, as far as garden decoration goes, you're getting great value for your money. Depending on the size and material of your garden wall plaque, prices could run as low as $20 for simple designs or close to $200 for something larger or highly detailed – still a great value for what could be the focal point of your outdoor design.

Garden Plaque Designs

Although you can find garden plaques that suit any design taste, there are a few common designs that always work well outdoors:

  • Sun and wind. Weather themes are an obvious choice for outdoor wall decor.
  • Birds. From seagulls to robins to peacocks, bird designs are both elegant and classic.
  • Quotations. A favorite quote engraved on a plaque will draw the eye of guests to your space.
  • Floral. Relief plaques with floral designs are especially fitting in garden decor.
  • Fairies. Fairy, gnome and pixie wall decor adds a touch of whimsy to your space.

Garden Plaque Materials

Garden plaques can be made from the same materials as garden statues, including marble, stone, bronze, concrete, resin and wood.

For durability, stone, marble and bronze are sure to hold up well, with little maintenance. You'll want to make sure you clean off dirt that can build up in crevices, but in terms of sun and rain exposure you shouldn't have much of a problem.

On the lower end of both the cost and durability scales are materials like resin, concrete and wood. While these materials are attractive and affordable options, you may need to put in more work in treating and cleaning them, and they may be more susceptible to damage.

Other Types of Outdoor Wall Decor

Beyond plaques, there are other yard and garden decoration designs that are suitable for mounting on the wall. These could include planters, decorative hooks, candle sconces, wall fountains or even garden signs, which can be mounted on your tool shed.

As with plaques, you'll want to choose material that will stand up to the outdoors, and you might consider bringing some items indoors if you're expecting heavy winds or rain.

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