Garden Statues

The added touch with backyard statues

Lawn statues and garden statues are an affordable, easy way to add style, elegance and interest to your outdoor space. They're available in any size, and styles range from the traditional to the unique and everything in between.

There have always been trends in garden statuary or other garden decor such as fountains or garden plaques, but classic themes are usually the best investment since they never go out of style. Take a look at a few of the most time-honored choices:

  • Classical garden statues. Replicas of famous marble statues such as The Bather or Venus add a regal touch, but there are also many unique styles that are inspired by this theme as well.
  • Religious statues. Many people choose to honor their faith with a backyard statue. The Virgin Mary, Ganesh and Buddha garden statues are three common choices.
  • Whimsical statues. Fairies, pixies and even gnomes add fun and playfulness to any garden or lawn.

Garden Statue Materials

There are many options available in garden statue materials, but the deciding factor should always be durability. You want a statue that's going to stand up to the elements.

Bronze and Marble Statues

Bronze and marble are the two most elegant materials used in garden sculptures, adding a high-end look to any outdoor space. They are certainly the most durable materials and require very little upkeep. Sealers for marble and waxes for bronze may be necessary, but often the statues come with these coatings and they will hold up for many months.

One thing to note on bronze and marble statues is that they are also two of the most expensive materials in statuary, which means you may be a little wary about putting them outdoors. If you do put a more expensive statue outdoors, make sure it is in an area where it is unlikely to be jarred, tipped, chipped or cracked.

Stone vs. Concrete Statues

Stone statues are probably the most common choice for lawn and garden statuary. Stone is a great material for sculpting, but it also holds up extremely well to rain, sun and even ice and snow. It's also more affordable than marble or bronze statues.

The most affordable options in garden and lawn statues are concrete and cement. While they do make a lovely addition to outdoor spaces, these materials aren't as durable as the others mentioned, and you may find you'll have to replace them much sooner than the others. If you do opt for concrete or cement, be sure to apply a sealer to protect the statue from mold or mildew. In the winter, when ice and snow build up, sprinkle sand rather than salt on the statue to avoid corrosion.

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