Garden Stones

Decorative stone work for your garden

Garden stones are a trick in the outdoor decor world because they aren't necessarily what their name implies. Some garden stones are authentic rocks, pulled from nature or even custom-ordered, but garden stone is also the name used for man-made concrete stones that are commonly used in gardens. Also known as garden stepping stones, they're often used along pathways or in front of staircases to add a touch of old-fashioned country to an outdoor space.

Whether authentic or man-made, garden stones are one of the easiest ways to add style to your outdoor space, and with all the options to choose from, there's something for everyone. When it comes to choosing garden stones for your outdoor space, size, shape and purpose are all important considerations.

Sizes and Shapes of Garden Stones

Larger square and rectangular stepping stones are perfect for walkways or for creating a designated space for garden benches and other seating. They're heavy and durable, which means when laid properly, they're less likely to heave with the changing weather and aren't as likely to crack or chip.

Smaller garden stones — be they round, octagonal or any other shape — are great for accents in your flower bed or vegetable garden. You can find them in almost any color of concrete or with beautiful mosaic designs. You can also buy garden stone kits that let you choose your shape and add your own tile design.

Add Personal Touches with Garden Stones

Garden stones are one of those accessories that can have a purpose other than adding style to your space. In fact, they are sometimes very sentimental. Take a look at a few ways you can use garden stones:

  • Engraved garden stones. Similar to garden plaques, but for the ground, engraved garden stones come with gardening quotes, inspirational phrases and even snippets of poetry already on them. Browse many and find one that suits the tone of your garden and your life.
  • Personalized garden stones. If you can't find a stone that expresses what you want to say, you can have one customized. Work with a stone engraver to have your message engraved on the stone of your choice for an even more personal touch in your outdoor space.
  • Pet memorials garden stones. Honoring the life of a pet is one of the most common uses for garden stones. Whether or not you bury your pet in your garden or yard, these stones are a fitting tribute to pets that were fond of the great outdoors. You can have them engraved with your pet's name, a personal word or even a picture, depending on the size of your stone.
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