Mail Boxes

Decorative outdoor mail box options

Outdoor mail boxes have come a long way since the days of an aluminum box with a plain red flag. Now, you can revamp or replace your existing mail box to match your outdoor decor, from your house numbers to your patio furniture. If you've never used a mail box before, decorative mail boxes are still a great choice to add the traditional look and feel of a mail box.

Mail box designs range from traditional to modern, simple to ornate, but one important factor to consider is the durability of your mail box. This, of course, is dictated primarily by the material it's made from.

Metal mail boxes are a common choice because they're easy to maintain. If you want to get away from basic aluminum, copper mail boxes are a great choice. They won't rust, and they have an elegant color that never goes out of style. You may want to add a non-tinted gloss to help preserve the shine of your copper mail box and to prevent smudges and stains.

Wood mail boxes are a great choice for country or rustic outdoor spaces, but they will take a little more work to maintain. You'll need to treat a wooden mail box regularly to protect it from the elements, and you'll also need to sand and refinish it from time to time.

Novelty Mail Boxes

No one says your mail box has to be conventional – novelty mail boxes are a quirky, unique way to express your individual style. Tractors and bulldozers are popular choices for farms, while ducks, dogs, cats and the like are great for animal lovers. Occupational mail boxes such as fire trucks, police cars and even ambulances are another popular choice.

Buildings are another theme for novelty mailboxes. Log cabins or lighthouses can bring a touch of the cottage life to your house, while castles or school houses add a touch of nostalgia.

You name it, you can find it in a novelty mail box, or work with a custom mail box designer to create it. A custom mail box is a fun way to spruce up your outdoor decor, and it just may be a conversation piece among your neighbors, as well.

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