Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Festive Christmas decor for your garden

There's something about Christmas that makes us want to have the dressiest outdoor spaces on the block, but with so many choices in outdoor Christmas decorations, it's easy to go overboard. Outdoor Christmas decor doesn't have to be tacky – with the right decorations, you can tastefully ensure that your yard stands out from the many others on the block.

The trick is to keep your decorations in line with the rest of your decor, and to have fun without going over the top. You can do this by thinking outside the norm when it comes to your backyard decor this Christmas, and by choosing wisely the pieces you buy.

Christmas Yard Decorations

The key to Christmas lawn decorations is to choose one or two substantial pieces, such as a Christmas garden statue or figure, and then complementing it with smaller pieces. Trying to incorporate too much can leave your yard looking cluttered, without a cohesive theme.

You can't go wrong with timeless Christmas directions, but it's fun to put modern twists on them, as well. For example, a wreath is a classic choice, but choosing a unique one, such as one made of Christmas bulbs or cranberries and pine cones, is a great way to make your yard stand out from the miles of greenery. Or, decorate a small outdoor tree as you would any Christmas tree, but swap out the star or angel on top for a red Santa's hat – it will add a quirky look that no one else in the neighborhood will have.

Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Outdoor lighting is critical for great Christmas decor. Traditional multicolored or red-and-green string lights are great, but there are lots of new and interesting options available as well. Icicle lights, which are strings of dangling white lights, continue to be a hot trend, while rope lights and net lights (which are easily draped over bushes) are quickly catching on.

You may also want to consider spotlighting to highlight garden Christmas decorations or other decorations in your space for a striking effect. White spotlights are fine, but integrating colors such as red and green or even blue creates a beautiful light show in your outdoor space.

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