Wall Fountains

Beautiful wall-mounted garden fountains

Fountains are one of the most interesting and versatile items you can add to your outdoor space. The soothing sound of falling water enhances your enjoyment of your space, and the beauty of fountain designs adds a classic look to any decor.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the room for a freestanding fountain in their yard or garden. If this is the case for your space, wall fountains could be the perfect solution.

Types of Outdoor Wall Fountains

Just as with ordinary fountains, there are many design and material options for outdoor wall fountains. Real or artificial stone wall fountains are the most popular material, because they are both durable and affordable. They can also be matched to garden stones to tie your deck or patio in with the rest of your yard. Copper wall fountains are another great choice, though they are often more expensive.

In terms of the water flow in your fountain design, there are a few options to choose from:

  • Streaming water wall fountains. Streaming fountains typically send a thin stream of water from their spout to the basin at the base of the fountain. Many wall fountains incorporate a maze design that the stream of water follows, while others will have the water stream directly down. The latter option can be a bit loud, which is an important consideration if your space is small.
  • Waterfall wall fountains. Water fall fountains are just what their name implies: a steady sheet of water falling directly down into a collecting basin. These fountains are among the most dramatic of all wall fountains and are often part of a contemporary design scheme.
  • Misting wall fountains. Rather than sending out a steady stream of water like the two options above, misting fountains release only small blasts of mist. They're perfect for small spaces that might be overwhelmed by the sound of a waterfall fountain, but still provide the same soothing atmosphere.

Hanging Outdoor Wall Fountains

Outdoor wall fountains can be hung on a variety of surfaces, including siding, brick and wood. A masonry bit can help you drill through brick. In the case of siding and wood, you'll want to be sure you're drilling into a thick area, such as a stud or a support beam.

Remember that wherever you hang your fountain, you'll need to have an outlet nearby to power the pump for your fountain. You'll also want to consider in advance how you're going to cover the tubing that runs from the spout to the basin if it is not already hidden by the fountain design. Climbing plants are a great option, or you may be able to conceal it with a trellis.

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