Wind Chimes

The soothing sounds of garden chimes

Wind chimes are worth double the style points as garden ornaments go – not only are they visually appealing, but the gentle sound of a wind chime blowing in the wind adds ambience and tranquility to your space.

There are numerous wind chime styles and designs, all of which will produce unique sounds. A few common options include:

  • Glass wind chimes. Glass wind chimes are known for their light, tinkling sound. Generally more appropriate for gentle breezes, they're perfect for patios.
  • Pipe Wind Chimes. Tubular pipe wind chimes combine solid or hollow pipes of different lengths to produce a range of tones. They're one of the most sonorous chimes, very similar to church bells.
  • Bamboo wind chimes. Bamboo wind chimes produce a crisp, hollow sound that adds an exotic flair to your outdoor space. Often, the tubes used to make them are quite long, so they work well in a large space, such as hanging from a tree in the yard.
  • Seashell wind chimes. Seashell wind chimes produce a unique sound, flat yet very tranquil and reminiscent of the beach. Like glass wind chimes, their delicacy makes them best for small spaces.

While wind chimes typically rely on the wind to produce noise, many are designed with a centre pendulum that can be swung to keep the chimes ringing.

More than Just a Wind Chime

Many people believe that wind chimes add more than just style to their gardens and yards. Feng Shui wind chimes, for example, can be used to counteract negative energy and add harmony to a space. Proper placement and the type of Feng Shui wind chime are dictated by the particular school of Feng Shui one subscribes to, but if you're just looking for a decorative touch, placing the chime near any doorway or window is a good choice.

Medicine wheel wind chimes are another combination of style and spirituality. They are inspired by Native American medicine wheels — a circular pattern of stones radiating from a center point — which represent the circle of life and the passage of the seasons. The site of a medicine wheel was considered spiritual, hallowed ground.

Medicine wheel wind chimes allow you to honor this sacred tradition in your own outdoor space. The chimes typically feature the same circular pattern and are often adorned with beads and feathers, along with tubular pipes that produce their peaceful sound.

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