Wrought Iron Decor

All-weather iron garden decor

One of the best reasons for choosing wrought iron for your outdoor decor is its durability. From wrought iron *garden ornaments[/garden-decor/garden-ornaments.aspx] to larger items like furniture and fences, your pieces will hold up to rain, wind, sun and even snow, and won't be susceptible to breakage or deterioration over time.

Wrought iron decor is also a classic choice for its versatility and its timeless style. It's perfect whether your tastes run to classic or modern, and it will never go out of fashion, which makes it a smart investment for your outdoor space.

Wrought Iron Decor Options

One great benefit of wrought iron decor is that it's nearly impossible to overdo the look. The style of wrought iron is subtle enough that it can blend in with other materials or pieces, but strong enough that you can use it as a focal point in one or two special items. Take a look at a few of the ways you can use wrought iron in your space:

  • Wrought iron wall decor. Wrought iron wall hangings and other forms of wrought iron wall art are popular for their intricacy of design. Wrought iron can be easily shaped into even the most complex patterns, such as vines, geometrics or curlicues, which add a touch of elegance to your space.
  • Wrought iron garden gates. Wrought iron is a popular choice for garden gates and other property gates because it is durable but doesn't sacrifice style. Again, its flexibility in pattern creation means you can find a gate that stands up to the outdoors — and provides security — but also adds beauty to your home.
  • Wrought iron patio furniture. Wrought iron furniture is popular for patios, again for its durability, but also for its low maintenance requirements. Cleaning requires only a wipe with a wet, soapy cloth, and rust spots can be easily handled with sanding and some touch-up paint. Wrought iron furniture is also some of the most stable and won't blow away in the wind, which is a big plus in patio furniture.

What to Look for in Wrought Iron

High-quality wrought iron will be thicker, offering better support and durability. It should also have a powder-coat finish to help prevent chipping and scratching and also to protect the piece against rust and corrosion. Of course, it will also be more expensive.

While you don't need to pay top-dollar for every piece of wrought iron decor, consider spending a little extra for pieces you want to last, such as a fence or a piece of furniture. It may seem like a bigger expense at the time, but high-quality wrought iron furniture will hold up for years to come, making it well worth the cost.

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