Garden Benches

Relax on a great garden bench

Are you looking for outdoor benches for seating, storage, work use or decoration? There are many types of benches that might interest you, each adding functionality and decorative appeal to your outdoor space.

Patio benches can be a great complement to your other patio furniture or they can have a distinctive look to stand out on their own. Consider whether you'd like the patio bench to function mostly as a decorative item, a furniture item or even provide outdoor storage; this will help determine your bench selection.

Decorative Garden Benches

If decorative appeal is your main concern when selecting a bench, there are numerous options. For modern- or classical-themed gardens, choose polished stone garden benches made from high-gloss marble or another natural stone.

For the look of polished stone without the price tag, try concrete garden benches. Available in a wide variety of different styles and finishes, concrete roughly replicates the fantastic look of stone and has great durability and weather resistance as well. No one needs to know that you choose to economize by selecting concrete.

If you're lucky enough to have designed a themed or specialty garden, select a wood bench to suit your beautiful natural space. Finished maple, oak and other hardwoods make great choices for wooden garden benches or specialty benches. For example, Japanese garden benches are available to help create a peaceful, meditative setting in your carefully cultivated Asian-inspired garden space.

Functional Outdoor Storage Benches

Other types of benches are more utilitarian. You might be interested in an outdoor storage bench if you are looking for something which can also function in a garage or workspace. Storage benches are doubly useful, serving as both a seating area and a safe, waterproof place to store tools or gardening equipment. Outdoor storage benches are made from a variety of materials, from wood to metal to durable hardened plastic. Some are clearly designed only for functionality, while others are quite decorative. The choice is up to you.

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