Garden Furniture

Your best bet for outdoor furniture

If your garden area looks a bit bare, have you considered adding some garden furniture? Not only does it provide a comfortable and welcoming space for family, friends and guests, but it also adds decorative flair that can transform your garden into an outdoor sanctuary.

Selecting Wood Furniture for the Garden

The ideal material for garden furniture is treated wood, because it not only blends in with the plants and natural setting in your backyard, but it also lasts for years in every type of weather. Simply use a special wood cleaner from time to time to keep your furniture looking like new, and apply a light wood oil for further weatherproofing and shine.

Wood furniture is heavier than the plastic or aluminum folding chairs and tables, but its solidness is actually a boon, because your sturdy wooden chairs, tables and other items are safe from storms and strong winds. Enjoy your hardwood furniture for many years to come, because it is built to last.

The Natural Beauty of Teak Garden Furniture

Consider choosing beautiful, golden-hued teak for natural water resistance. This popular tropical hardwood has a natural wood oil that adds a waterproof seal, smooth finish and fragrant smell – perfect for your lush garden. Teak also resists the kinds of damage that naturally come with age, such as splitting, splintering and weathering. Cheaper woods simply deteriorate over time, but teak looks great year after year with minimal care.

When selecting teak garden furniture, look for outdoor garden furniture units that have been sanded and polished. Although teak does not need a varnish or thick finish, a fine-grained polish or light sealing coat can bring out its natural shine. You can also opt for a waterproof canopy or a patio umbrella to protect guests against sun or rain. Some also prefer to sit on vinyl or fabric cushions rather than bare teak. Though teak is exceptionally smooth and makes a fine sitting surface, you may want to add an additional touch of comfort, adding a plush, overstuffed cushion or two.

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