Catch a nap in a garden hammock

Would you like to live the good life in your own backyard? Enjoy the sun? Lie in the shade? Feel the spring breeze? Watch the kids frolic? Then you may wish to consider adding a hammock to your yard.

Setting up Rope Hammocks

If you have two large, sturdy trees which have trunks within 10 feet of one another, try a rope hammock. You can easily secure the hammock to each tree and adjust the height. These hammocks are made of crocheted rope, and their light, airy construction is perfect for enjoying the breeze. This feature is also beneficial after it rains, because your hammock will dry quickly.

Selecting Hammock Stands or Hatteras Hammocks

If you don't have the trees for a rope hammock, you can still experience the luxury of a backyard hammock by using a hammock stand or purchasing a hatteras hammock. A hammock stand acts as a sort of frame for the hammock. One of the benefits of the hammock stand is that it makes moving the hammock — for instance, in cases of bad weather — exceptionally easy. Also consider a hatteras hammock, which is an especially aesthetically appealing type of hammock stand that will add to the decor of any backyard.

Choosing a Fabric Hammock

If a crocheted rope hammock or a stand is not your style, you might think about getting a fabric hammock. A fabric hammock has no holes or strands of rope, so some may find it more comfortable. One downside with these hammocks is the problem of inclement weather. After significant rainfall, a fabric hammock will not dry out as easily as a rope hammock will.

The Swing Hammock Alternative

Typically, hammocks are designed to be enjoyed by one or two people in a prone position, but some might better enjoy the outdoors in an upright position. Hammock swings are perfect for this. The hammock swing is essentially a type of hanging outdoor chair. It can be attached to a sturdy tree or in a covered porch or deck area. Not only is a swing hammock exceedingly comfortable, but it's also perfect for anyone with mobility difficulties which may make it difficult to get in and out of a regular hammock.

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