Outdoor Chairs

Patio and deck chair choices

A comfortable outdoor patio chair is a great way to provide a welcoming atmosphere for friends and guests. Transform your backyard into an outdoor sanctuary where visitors will enjoy relaxing and chatting for hours. Here are some common styles of outdoor chairs to help you select the most comfortable, stylish and appropriate seating for your guests.

Selecting Folding Outdoor Chairs

Inexpensive folding chairs or plastic outdoor chairs are the most common. These chairs are designed to be lightweight, mobile and easy to care for. What is especially handy is that they can fold up and be placed out of sight in a snap.

Plastic is an ideal material for outdoor patio chairs because it is durable in all weather conditions, and available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any backyard decor. However, you should be aware that plastic patio furniture may need to be replaced every few years. In addition, some people prefer outdoor furniture that is more solid and durable than plastic, such as wood or metal.

Choosing an Outdoor Lounge Chair

If a folding chair doesn't suit your tastes, then another option is the outdoor lounge chair. Lounge chairs are specially designed to function in either upright or reclining positions. They are an ideal choice for a pool area, allowing your guests to relax and take in some sun when they're not in the swimming pool. Lounge chairs are ideal for those with bad backs or those who have difficulty getting comfortable in a traditional chair. Depending on the material your outdoor lounge chairs are made from, you may be able to fold them up to store them when not in use, which makes them especially convenient.

How About Outdoor Rocking Chairs?

Finally, for a more unusual option, why not consider an outdoor rocking chair? Rocking chairs have a traditional visual appeal that makes them at home in any outdoor space, patio or porch. Choose rocking chairs made of sturdy natural wood, and select a soft natural fiber cushion for extra comfort.

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