Outdoor Tables

Find the right patio table

With the right setup, you can enjoy family meals and entertain guests outdoors in your backyard paradise. Whether you are looking for a simple poolside patio table, a wooden picnic table or convenient folding tables, there is a wide variety of outdoor tables to suit your needs and complement your beautiful backyard and patio.

Choosing an Outdoor Picnic Table

The most popular type of outdoor table is undoubtedly the picnic table, an all-in-one unit constructed from durable, unfinished or lightly treated wood in which benches are attached directly to a table surface. Just like the rustic-looking tables found in parks and picnic areas across the country, backyard outdoor picnic tables will weather even the most severe climate conditions and stay in excellent condition for many years. When shopping for a picnic table, look for a heavy weighted table made from solid wood. A great feature to look for is a built-in patio umbrella for shielding against the sun.

Choosing an Outdoor Folding Table

For homeowners on a budget or anyone who is looking for portable, easy-to-care for patio furniture, outdoor folding tables make a great choice. This type of table can be made from plastic, sealed wood, particle board, metal or laminate, and is available in a wide range of colors and styles. Folding tables are lightweight and can be set up in seconds, so you can reconfigure your backyard furniture as often as you like. Depending on whether you select a waterproof and weatherproof finish, you may choose to leave them outdoors year round, or put them indoors to store them during the winter.

Choosing a Glass Patio Table

Another option, especially if you are looking for furniture with a touch of class, is a glass-topped table. Glass is a great option for outdoor dining, because it is easy to clean and naturally waterproof. When looking at glass tabletops, select one made of heavy, shatterproof glass that suits your existing decor. Select from a number of different decorative glass finishes and patterns, such as frosted, matte, colored or textured glass. Although glass patio tables do well outdoors, it may be a good idea to purchase a patio table cover that complements your decor to offer further protection against severe weather.

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