Porch Swings

Relax in patio swings and gliders

A porch swing is a great addition to any patio or porch. Watch the sunset, chat with neighbors or friends, or just relax the day away while swinging and enjoying a calming, gentle breeze. Fortunately, porch swings and glider chairs today are affordable for homeowners of every income level, and available in many different styles to suit any decor.

Selecting a Porch Swing

The wood porch swing is perhaps the most basic type of swing on the market. This swing, also called a patio glider because of the way it "glides" through the air, seats two or three. Choose a wood that complements your decor or siding. It's always a great idea to select a finished wood so that your porch swing has good weather resistance.

Canopies for Glider Swings

In addition to a basic style and a wood type, there are also a number of other options to choose from. For example, you will want to select the right type of canopy. Generally, it's a good idea to pick a heavyweight, waterproof vinyl or fabric canopy to shield against the sun and various weather conditions. Canopies also prolong the life of your glider because they provide some protection against fading and water damage for the swing itself.

Selecting a Glider Chair

Finally, it should be mentioned that an alternative to the porch swing exists, called a glider chair. Glider chairs can resemble a small traditional porch swing, or sometimes they resemble a simple rocking chair. They generally seat a single person, who can then relax and glide in comfort and style. As you can imagine, glider chairs are also a great choice for indoor spaces such as a baby's or child's room, because they are perfect for rocking and reading storybooks.

When selecting a glider chair, choose a soft, comfortable, waterproof cushion that suits the look and color scheme of your porch or patio. You may also want to choose a canopy or a glider that can fold into a number of different positions for added comfort.

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