Wicker Furniture

Enjoy classic wicker garden funiture

Wicker is a great choice for lightweight, reasonably priced, attractive outdoor furniture. Many people appreciate the classic country charm wicker can add to any outdoor space. Unlike patio furniture made from plastic or other synthetics, wicker is a natural material that looks beautiful outdoors, blending into any garden or verdant patio setting.

How is wicker furniture made?

Wicker is an ancient material made from natural plant fibers. Origins of the fibers vary, but they can come from willow, rattan, reed or bamboo. These plant stalks or switches are carefully dried, sealed with a clear waterproof sealant, and woven into a variety of different types of outdoor furniture, such as lounge chairs, outdoor tables and footstools. Wicker is flexible when woven and rigid when dried, so it can be made into many different kinds of furniture.

Lightweight wicker patio furniture is completely durable even in rain, snow or excessive humidity. Fine-grained woven wicker is generally quite comfortable to sit on, but some people prefer a padded seat-cover or pillow for added plushness. Make sure to remove the cushion or pillow in inclement weather; alternatively, you can select pillows made of all-weather material.

Purchasing Wicker Furniture

There are many online and brick-and-mortar retailers that specialize in rattan furniture sales. Because of its light weight, it is inexpensive to ship. In addition, many great deals can be found from discount wicker furniture retailers, making this beautiful natural fiber furniture even more inexpensive than plastic folding furniture.

When selecting your wicker outdoor furniture online, make sure that you select a natural wicker product. There are some varieties of artificial wicker made of plastic and other synthetics, and while these are attractive, they do not have many of the benefits of the natural fiber. In addition, select furniture that is finished with a waterproof clear-coat for extra durability.

The tonality of wicker furniture varies because it is produced from natural material, so try to select items that match your garden decor as best as possible. Be aware that there will be some variability in the finished product. Selecting a specific type of rattan material – such as bamboo or willow – can help ensure that the tonality is perfect.

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