Wrought Iron Furniture

Durable iron furnishings for your backyard

There is nothing like the classic, timeless appeal of wrought iron furniture for your backyard, porch or patio. With proper care, wrought iron lasts a lifetime and never needs to be replaced, making it a practical choice for enduring and attractive outdoor decor. There is no environment too casual or too formal for iron furniture, because it is available in a range of styles and finishes to suit any space.

Wrought Iron Basics

Wrought iron furniture has been around for centuries. In fact, wrought iron decor can be found serving both functional and decorative purposes in ancient Roman and medieval architecture! Today, wrought iron is made from a slightly different metal called mild or carbon steel, which is specially processed to be malleable. Wrought iron furniture is a cut above other types of outdoor furniture materials because it resists rust, grime and staining, and can survive even in the most inclement weather, because it is constructed from durable pure metal.

Wrought Iron Finishes and Colors

Traditionally, wrought iron furniture is treated to take on a matte black finish, but it is also available in a glossy finish or with a finish that resembles chrome, silver, aluminum or brass. You may even choose wrought iron lawn furniture painted with colorful, water-resistant enamel in a variety of shades and hues for a fun, modern look to liven up your yard.

Recently, a new type of wrought iron has become available that is created from recycled iron. This recycled wrought iron has all the great qualities of regular wrought iron, but is also environmentally friendly.

Selecting Your Wrought Iron Furniture

When looking for wrought iron garden furniture, take care to select items that are rustproof. A powder coat is a must for weather resistance year round. Also consider purchasing furniture that can fold up, to make it easy to reconfigure your backyard or patio on a whim.

An additional consideration is the seat cushion or cover on your wrought iron patio furniture. Since iron, like any metal, is a bit too hard for most people to tolerate for long periods of time, a cushion or cover is a must. However, you will want cushioning that is covered by waterproof vinyl, plastic or coated fabric.

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