Outdoor Lighting

Garden lighting for every occasion

Since you've gone to the effort and expense of building a beautiful backyard patio or garden, it only makes sense that you'd install outdoor lighting fixtures to help you enjoy it any time of day.

Depending on your ability with wiring and electricity, you can install the lighting yourself or, if you have an intricate design in mind but lack the skill to implement it, you can hire a professional.

Popular Types of Outdoor Lighting

In terms of patio and outdoor event lighting, you have many options, from self-illuminating lanterns to elaborate mounted and overhead fixtures. Some of the choices you have at your disposal include:

  • Solar powered lights. These lights make a great choice if you don't have the electrical know-how to rig wiring. They're powered by solar panels, which collect energy from the sun, convert it to electricity and use the power to light up at night.
  • Low voltage outdoor lights. If you're eco-conscious or looking to save on your power bill, low-voltage lighting kits provide an excellent option. However, to install a low-voltage outdoor light set yourself, you'll need some basic electrical know-how.
  • Regular-voltage lighting. Preferred by many homeowners because brighter light means enhanced home security after nightfall, regular-voltage outdoor lighting setups remain more or less the standard option.

Outdoor Lighting Applications

Beyond providing illumination for your twilight outdoor entertaining, outdoor lighting can also serve a variety of other purposes.

Security is a central concern of many homeowners, and motion-sensor outdoor lighting helps deter thieves and vandals from targeting your house. Motion-sensor outdoor lighting units are particularly effective when matched with high-wattage bulbs.

Certain specialized types of outdoor lights can double as pest control devices. Pesky flying insects and moths are attracted to lights, and bug-zapping units coax them to come close and then eradicate them with a jolt of electricity.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

While certain applications, such as motion-sensor outdoor lighting, will limit your options when it comes to fixtures, simple outdoor lighting setups have myriad possibilities.

Lamp posts add elegance and ambience, but a lot of people prefer the simplicity and ease of maintenance offered by ground-level patio lanterns. Given that they're usually made of metal, lamp posts erode over time and may need treatment or refinishing to keep looking good.

You can also suspend fixtures from overhead wiring, if you want to get fancy, or mount them on the sides of your house. If you've built a trellis or pergola in your garden, you might also mount lights on these structures to create some extra ambience.

Whatever you choose to do, don't be afraid to get creative. The right outdoor lighting setup can really heighten the overall effect of your garden.

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