Stylish backyard shade solutions

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and it says a lot about who you are. So you want to make the area as cozy as possible, while still staying within your budget. Outdoor canopies are perfect for this, because they affordably shade portions of your backyard so you can enjoy your time outdoors without being in the direct path of dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Benefits of Canopies

Canopies come in an assortment of styles and colors to accommodate any backyard space, and they can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. The smaller, simpler styles can cost as little as $100, while the fancier canopies can cost more than $4,000. Simple shade canopies are ideal for down-to-earth gatherings such as family reunions, barbecues and graduation parties.

The more expensive types of tents and canopies with valances and bug screens are perfect for more extravagant get-togethers such as banquets and weddings. If you simply want to shade your patio or deck, you can opt for a triangular-shaped shade structure that hangs over the area.

With the right tools and a few spikes, anchors and steel plates, outdoor canopies are easily installed without the help of professionals. You can have your shade structure set up just a few hours after it arrives.

If you don't have a shelter for your car, a large canopy can act as a makeshift garage and provide your vehicle with protection from the elements. Some larger canopies come equipped with drawstrings and curtain clips to keep the sides from flapping in the wind. Landscape lighting such as outdoor lamps, multicolored lights, pin spot lights or wash lights with motion control can be added to your canopy for that extra touch of late evening elegance.

Canopy Care

Backyard tents and canopies are made from materials such treated polyethylene and vinyl, so they are resistant to tearing, as well as weather and mildew. The frames of outdoor canopies are made with durable metals such as aluminum or galvanized steel, to resist rusting. But to extend the life of your outdoor canopy, it's important to follow the care instructions included with the tent or canopy you have. Also, repair any rips immediately to prevent wind and rain from making them worse.

Whether you want to have an outdoor barbecue, or protect your car from the wrath of Mother Nature, portable canopies can provide you with an affordable way to beautify your backyard for many years to come.

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