Patio Covers

Protect your family with a sun cover

Families use their backyards for cookouts, lounging, entertainment and play. So there's no doubt that during the spring and summer months, the backyard serves as the heart of the home. Adding a screened patio enclosure enhances your backyard experience, adds value to your home and provides plenty of benefits that traditional, uncovered patios can't.

Benefits of Screen Rooms

Swatting at bugs while you sit on the patio is no way to unwind. Patio screen enclosures make battling insects on your patio a thing of the past. Once it's installed, you can kick your feet up, read your favorite book and enjoy a bug-free patio enclosure. A screen enclosure also keeps dirt from building up on your patio, provides shelter from the elements and provides plenty of patio shading to keep you cool on hot summer days. To add to the coziness of your screen room, you can install fans and patio lighting, and decorate it with furniture and plants.

Pets are like family, and putting your dog outside in a sweltering doghouse in the middle of the summer is torture. Not only does your pet have to deal with the intense heat, but it has to constantly fight off pesky flies, mosquitoes and gnats. A screened patio can serve as a cool, comfortable place for your pet to spend its days when the weather is unbearable, or as a serene place to enjoy the pitter-patter of rain without getting wet. A screen room also provides excellent visibility from the inside, which makes it easier and more comfortable for you to supervise your children at play in the backyard.

Screened Patio Alternative

For those who don't like the idea of screened patio enclosures but still want overhead shelter, simple patio covers are wonderful alternatives. Just like screened patio enclosures, patio covers can be installed with fans and overhead lighting. So even though your outdoor space is open, the patio cover still gives you the feel of extra living space.

If you want a way to increase your living space, add value to your home and provide a comfortable, bug-free place for friends, family and pets to lounge, a screened patio enclosure may be just what you need.

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