Patio Umbrellas

Find the perfect sun umbrella

Now that families are spending more time at home, they are no longer underestimating the value of a cozy backyard space. So they're going all-out to find budget-friendly ways to make their patios and decks more comfy during the hot months. And patio umbrellas are the perfect way to affordably shade sections of your backyard in the summertime.

No two homeowners are alike. For this reason, patio umbrellas come in a number of shapes, sizes, colors and styles to choose from. Whether you need to shade your outdoor patio furniture, deck, terrace or swimming pool, there is sure to be a sun umbrella available to fit your needs.

Types of Patio Umbrellas

If you're looking for something to shade umbrella tables while adding a rustic look to your outdoor area, wood market umbrellas are perfect. Cantilever patio umbrellas are aesthetically pleasing and can add a touch of class to any backyard area. However, since these umbrellas hang, they are not recommended for use when it's windy outside.

Single- and double-wall-mount umbrellas are attached to the wall with brackets or wall mounts. These types of sun umbrellas are perfect for outdoor areas with limited space, because they don't require the use of interlocking poles or patio stands. Wall-mounted umbrellas are available with rotating arms that are easily adjusted as needed. Tilted umbrellas are available in a number of styles, and can be adjusted in a variety of ways to protect you from the sun.

Patio furniture umbrella stands are made from durable plastic resin or cast iron. The resin umbrella stands must be filled with water or sand to add the necessary weight to maintain stability, while cast iron stands are heavy enough to stand on their own; some umbrella stands can weigh as much as 95 pounds! Sun umbrella styles use crank lifts for easy opening and closing. And some outdoor umbrellas can cover spaces that span more than 11 feet.

Sun Umbrella Lighting

Patio umbrellas can be purchased with built-in lighting, or the lights can be purchased separately and attached to the umbrella frame. These lights are either battery operated, or plugged in with a voltage cord. Patio umbrellas can also come equipped with extra outlets that allow you to plug in things such as radios or small television sets.

Patio furniture umbrellas are made from durable materials, and they last for years. But to extend the life of your sun umbrella, it's recommended that you use a cover to protect it from extreme temperatures.

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